Traps for Monitoring and Controlling Garden Pests

Codling and Plum Moth Control

The Solution: Pheromone Traps

A lure containing a sex attractant (pheromone) given off by the female moth attracts male moths to their death in the pheremone trap. Without male moths there will be no maggots.

In mid-May, one trap should be put out for every three apple or plum trees. 

The trap is easy to assemble, simply follow the instructions provided. The Plum and Codling Moth traps are supplied with 2 lures, the spare should be kept in the freezer and be used to replace the original after 5 weeks. 

The codling moth and plum moth pheromone lures are specific to these moths and do not attract beneficial insects or bees.

Pheromone Traps Product Details

Product CodeDescription 
CodT01 Codling Moth Trap(c/w 2 lures)  
CodL02 2 x Replacement Codling Moth Lures  
PluT01 Plum Moth Trap (c/w 2 lures)  
PluL02 2 x Replacement Plum Moth Lures  

Yellow Sticky Traps

Yellow Sticky Traps can be used against a number of insect pests including Whitefly, Thrips, Leaf Miners and Aphids (greenfly and blackfly) in greenhouses and conservatories.

The Sticky Traps should be hung just above the growing points of plants,

They can be used early in the season to monitor pests as small flying insect pests are attracted by the colour of the traps and stick to the outer coating.

As well as monitoring they can be used to help reduce levels of pests.

NB. Remove yellow sticky traps before introducing biological controls.

Yellow Sticky Traps Product Details

Product CodeDescription 
Ytr05 Yellow sticky traps x 5 (Sufficient for approx. 100 square feet)